Our Focus

Our focus is to enhance power conversion systems via new dielectric materials, geometric optimization, and power electronics operating at high frequency or high voltage.


Power Electronics

To enable new technologies and minimize the impact of passive components within circuits.


Electric Machines

To make electric machines more sustainable and perform better.


Wireless Power Transfer

To implement capacitive coupling for wireless power transfer

Our Team

The Ludois Research Group, under the guidance of Dr. Daniel Ludois, is a close knit team that strives to push the boundaries of power conversion technology.

Daniel Ludois

Credentials: Associate Professor

Marisa Tisler

Position title: Graduate Student

Michael Mayberry

Credentials: Graduate Student (co-advised with Severson)

David Skrovanek

Position title: Graduate Student

Blake Rose

Position title: Graduate Student

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Past Group Members (Alumni)

Peter Killeen, Ph.D. Fall 2020, “Current Source Inverters for Synchronous Electrostatic Machine Drives”

Max Liben, M.S. Spring 2020, “Analytical Design and Testing of a Self-Cooled, Toroidally Wound Ring Motor with Integrated Propeller for Electric Rotorcraft”

Skyler Hagen, Ph.D. Fall 2019, “An Integrated Capacitive Brushless Excitation System for Wound Field Synchronous Machines Using Low-Cost Printed Circuit Boards”

Aditya Ghule, Ph.D. Fall 2019, “Torque Modulation and Self-Sensing for Separately Excited Electrostatic Machines”

Ryan Knippel, Ph.D. Spring 2019, “Rotating Capacitors with Spiral Groove Features for Hydrodynamic Gap Maintenance in Power Conversion Systems”

Andy Schroedermeier, Ph.D. Spring 2019, “Integrated Inductors, Capacitors, and Damping in Bus Bars for dv/dt Filter Applications”

Baoyun Ge, Ph.D. Spring 2018, “The Modeling, Design and Demonstration of Electrostatic Synchronous Machines”

Jiejian Dai, Ph.D. Fall 2017, “Power Electronics Design for High Power Capacitive Power Transfer”


Latest News